SA Online Casino Gamblers Now Able to Use Ukash

Now South African's won't have to pull and arm and a leg just to make a simple transaction at their online casino. With UKash released across the country, they too can enjoy discrete banking without conversion rates at their favorite online casino.

Online transaction service, UKash, has now been made accessible to South Africans. Initially established in the UK, and then spread throughout the rest of Europe. UKash has offered millions of Europeans an alternative to making credit card or e-wallet payments at the online casino, whereby providing personal details and account details is not required.

UKash operates in the same way as a prepaid phone card, in that it is purchased at petrol stations and convenient stores and then used by entering a code tat appears on the back of the card. Now, approximately 5 million online casino gamblers in South Africa will be able to buy UKash at over 200 Shell petrol stations, for either 50 or 1500 Rand per card. In order to use it at the online casino or any other online shop, they will not have to do more than enter a simple 19 digit number.

UKash will make it even easier for South Africans to gamble at the online casino, for they not only can pay for their card in Rand, which eliminates the conversion fees, but also because UKash is accepted widely across the online casino industry available to South Africans, perhaps even more so than banks and credit cards. South African online casino gamblers should be celebrating!