Black Eagle Project Roodekrans Recieves R95,000 from Silverstar Casino

The Silverstar Casino collected the money from its wishing well to donate to the environmental project.

The Silverstar Casino gave the Black Eagle Project Roodekrans a donation of R95,000 at the end of last year demonstrating the casino’s commitment to supporting the environment and the community of Mogale City.

Tanya Becker, the Chairperson of the Black Eagle Project Roodekrans, said that the funds will be used for “educational purposes, promotional items, advertising and branding of the project.” She went on to say that they will also use the money to upgrade their computer equipment, website and educational room at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden.

Becker went on to thank the casino for its “generous contribution.”

Many guests of the casino use its main entrance water feature as a wishing well and throw coins in. The casino regularly collects the coins and then matches the amount of money that has been given by its customers.

Shane Collinson, the Director of Operations and Complex General Manager at Silverstar Casino, said that the casino wishes to thank its “patrons for joining us in backing the Black Eagles through their generous donations. We are delighted to be able to make this sizeable donation to the project.”