Zynga SVP of Mobile Not Worried Over End of Facebook Deal

While Zynga’s exclusivity deal with Facebook may have come to an end, the company’s SVP of mobile, Travis Boatman, is not worried. In a recent interview he pointed out that “There’re a lot of people who play games and want to connect socially who don’t want to use Facebook.”

Boatman said that in Zynga’s early days Facebook was essential, but over time the company has come to depend on the social network less. Despite the fact that the two companies prematurely ended a partnership agreement which said that games would launch on Facebook before Zynga.com Boatman said that Zynga are still “super fans of Facebook”.

However, until now Zynga’s games have very much depended upon Facebook for viral distribution. However, Boatman says there are many occasions when people will want to play without the social network. For instance if “You really like to play poker and like to play aggressively, maybe you don’t have any friends who play like that.” He went on to say that “The relationship with us and Facebook is great but it provides users a lot more value to be able to connect to people who they aren’t friends with on Facebook.”

Only time will tell whether Boatman is correct in his assessment.