The Objective of Internet Keno

Keno is a game that is relatively new to online casinos, yet picking it up is a no-brainer. It basically involves 20 small and numbered balls are drawn randomly from a bubble. The objective of the game is very similar to a lottery, as players must try and predict the numbers that will be randomly drawn. There are 80 balls in total, and players are allowed to choose anywhere from 1 to 20 numbers (but sometimes only up to 15). The amount of numbers matched with the balls, as well as the amount of numbers wagered on, and the wager on each number, will determine how much a player wins at internet Keno, which makes it slightly more complicated than what it appears at first glance.

The Rules of Internet Keno

The only part you play in Internet Keno is choosing what to bet on, such that there are practically no rules to the game. The only real rule in internet Keno is that you choose no more than the amount of numbers that you are allowed to wager on in each round (IE - either 15 or 20, depending on the game and bingo room). As long as you fill in the cards correctly, there is no way that you could break any rules.

Using the Internet Keno Software

Playing Keno online is simple. Whether you've done it before or not, these simple steps are all you'll need in order to do it:

  1. Download your preferred keno software and register an account.
  2. Once inside the lobby, choose your game.
  3. Begin wagering by selecting the chip size you want to play with. You can do this by clicking on the chip selector button of the keno software.
  4. Click on the numbers you want to wager on, which appear on the keno board. You will know what numbers you have selected once you have finished because they will remain highlighted for you to see and keep track. To deselect a number, simply click on it a second time.
  5. Click the “play” button.
  6. If one of your ‘pick's matches the numbers on the balls drawn, it will change color, representing a match. At the end of the draw, you will be shown whether or not you have won and if so, how much. You can check this by looking at the payout table alongside the board.
  7. Click “clear” to start a new game of keno, or withdraw your funds and sign out of your account.

Calculating a Win at Keno

Any time you win at internet keno, the amount you win will be dependent upon 3 things:

I. The amount of numbers you managed to match with the balls drawn
II. The amount of numbers you wagered on
III. The amount of the wagers you put on each or all of your numbers.

It is extremely complicated to calculate all 3 aspects together, and doing so involves many mathematical equations. For this reason, it is best to use a software and casino name that you can trust, to save you all the hassle. The following 2 tables area an example of how the odds and probabilities can change dramatically based on the different combinations of the above 3 aspects: (see keno tables 1 then 2)

Keno table 1:

Spot 1
Match Frequency Probability Odds (to 1)
0 60 0.75000000000000 0.33
1 20 0.25000000000000 3.00
Total 80 1.00000000000000  

Keno table 2:

Spot 15
Match Frequency Probability Odds (to 1)
0 53,194,089,192,720 0.00801614417729 123.75
1 346,917,972,996,000 0.05227920115624 18.13
2 981,704,051,244,000 0.14793901603787 5.76
3 1,595,269,083,271,500 0.24040090106154 3.16
4 1,660,382,107,078,500 0.25021318273752 3.00
5 1,168,909,003,383,264 0.17615008064721 4.68
6 572,994,609,501,600 0.08634807874863 10.58
7 198,344,287,904,400 0.02988971956683 32.46
8 48,650,485,712,400 0.00733144064847 135.40
9 8,408,725,925,600 0.00126716258122 788.16
10 1,009,047,111,072 0.00015205950975 6,575.37
11 81,903,174,600 0.00001234249267 81,019.91
12 4,310,693,400 0.00000064960488 1,539,396.31
13 137,210,400 0.00000002067708 48,362,731.10
14 2,325,600 0.00000000035046 2,853,401,192.99
15 15,504 0.00000000000234 428,010,179,097.33
Total 6,635,869,816,740,560 1.00000000000000