If you want to get a feel of a real casino, just like you would if you had visited one of the fabulous casinos in the US gambling capital, then online Casino Las Vegas is the right place for you.

Just Like In Real Vegas

Casino Las Vegas

Rating: 9.57 / 10

Welcome Bonus: R2,600
Payout: 96.19%

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Las Vegas brought straight to your home

When you visit this casino, you suddenly realize that you actually have real Las Vegas on your computer screen, with its bright lights and astonishing casino structures, thrilling casino games and the beautiful ladies one meets only when in Vegas. But unlike in real Vegas here you do not get lost among the crowd. On the contrary, all here is personal and you play when you want and how you want. If you’d like to have a short look at the choice of games in this casino, you can do that from the ‘Preview’ panel in the upper menu. You can look through them all, pick one (or more) and start playing immediately. While enjoying your game, every single bet takes you closer to the prestigious membership in Las Vegas Casino’s VIP Club, which has three levels, called after precious stones Emerald, Diamond and Black Diamond. Every time you go one level up, your game gets more and more pleasant and rewarding!

Multiple Bonuses

The rewards and bonuses in Casino Las Vegas are numerous. They range from welcome bonuses to VIP loyalty rewards and all possible types of additional bonuses which get renewed all the time. Among those are big bonuses for new players, different promotions updated monthly, special rewards for high rollers and extra money players get when they refer their friends. This last bonus is especially gainful, as not only the referring player gets the bonus, but his friends as well. In addition to all these there are bonuses on transactions made via different eligible payment methods. Just check out their table of payment options to see which one will get you the biggest bonus.


Payment options in Casino Las Vegas are presented to you conveniently, divided by type and bonus percentage. The range of payments is quite wide so you surely will find an option which is the most beneficial for you. As already mentioned above, when choosing a payment method, mind the bonuses you get with each one of them. Remember, correctly picked payment option means free money!

Customer Service

If you need assistance with any issue at Casino Las Vegas, you can rest assured that their comprehensive customer support will do all they can to help you. For your convenience their contact email addresses are divided by specialization, so whether your query is financial, technical or general, you can send a mail to the respective address, while knowing it will be answered by professionals. In addition, the customer service can be reached by phone, fax or via a live chat from within the software client.

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